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Water is an adventure of the skin and senses. From the tumble of a mountain stream to the immersive promise of a hot pool, water has the raw power to lift our mood and transform our state of mind.

At Methven, our love of water began in 1886. Ever since, we've devoted ourselves to harnessing its transformative properties, creating experiences that can soothe and stimulate, comfort and awaken, relax and revitalise.

Through intelligent design and precision engineering, we’ve found ways to shape water, to recreate its many guises in nature and its seductive appeal to our emotions.

The result is something that transcends the everyday. From the moment the water hits your skin we deliver a treat for the senses. This is what sets Methven apart. Because when you experience Methven you truly experience water.







Aurajet Aios Shower Handset (Chrome)
Aurajet Aios Shower Handset (Chrome)
Aurajet® technology delivers a full-bodied spray with maximum body contact and all-over warmth...
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